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Copywriter and Brand Strategist, I help online experts and educators scale their businesses through copywriting and brand management that is heartfelt and genuine...while also driving results that speak for themselves. 

“Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly."

At 22, I was considering a Ph.D in strategic communications when my small business went from college hobby to full-time career. In just a few years, I was hired on by celebrity photographers, online experts, lawyers, non-profit organizations, chicken farmers, destination event planners, and industry leading website designers (just to name a few).

My words have done crazy, humbling things like: Selling out coaching programs in 24 hours, achieving $40k, $60k, $80k launches, filling up calendars with ideal clients, and turning creatives’ brilliant ideas into something that actually helps them create the business and lifestyle they desire.

While my client list and project scope is- shall we say, diverse?- my goal is always the same: To cultivate a life giving and profitable business through the power of fine tuned communication, science-backed copy, and done for you social media services that drive results.


 So what exactly do we do here at The Woods Co? We collect all your beautiful ideas, organize them into something that will make money, and then market the crap out of them. Business strategy, email marketing, social media management, and copywriting are our main services (and our virtual assisting department can jump in too if you need some help with the backend).

01. Website Copywriting
02. Email Marketing
03. Social Media Management


04. Virtual Assisting 
05. Launch Development
06. Business Coaching




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It gave me such peace of mind knowing Ana is the complete expert. I struggle with words and knew that she had my back ... making my brand sound like my voice yet better.

Ana was so encouraging & helpful, guiding me and my business in the right direction! She was prompt and so kind throughout the whole process, really getting to know me and my brand.

Aly Carroll, Stock shop owner & Wedding photographer

Since working with Ana my bookings increased dramatically and at a price point that I never thought I’d be able to charge!

Her Instagram captions have increased my engagement rate and follower count.  Plus I’m not scrambling each day to figure out what to post and write - so sanity is in check! I would highly recommend Ana to anyone looking for copy services, web design and/or brand management. In addition to her writing talent, Ana is such a joy to work with!  I always look forward to her emails and her thoughtful questions that allow me to co-create my content with her help!  I cannot recommend her more!

Lisa Hufford, Chicago wedding photographer 

Ana is able to understand my voice and my brand and to present me very well to the world. That is something that's really hard for people to give up to someone else. So, it has been such a peace of mind to know that she is capable of doing those things well and very gracefully.

I have had a lot more people in person - vendors and friends - commenting about how they are loving what I'm posting. And more people are referring me because I am top of mind for them. I would totally recommend somebody to work with Ana, 10 out of 10. It's been such a peace of mind. 

Amanda olivia, georgia wedding photographer

Business aside, I'm a wife to Mitchell and mama to Shepherd. We live in the Midwest countryside where we love to cook, garden, and wrangle our frenchie and slew of backyard chickens. 

I'm a homebody at heart and love nothing more than spending my weekends hanging out at our farmhouse. Chai tea lattes, theology books, and delicious dinners are on my list of pleasures as is the feeing of bare feet on grass, the smell of my baby's chubby neck, and that palpable feeling of God's presence in quiet churches. Interested in photography? Check out my fine art photography studio at Ana Woods Photography.

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A straightforward and refined yet undeniably gorgeous ShowIt template built with the fine art wedding photographer in mind.

A straightforward and refined yet undeniably gorgeous ShowIt template built with the fine art wedding photographer in mind.

A straightforward and refined yet undeniably gorgeous ShowIt template built with the fine art wedding photographer in mind.

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